Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rightwing Extremists Have Rightwing Positions (Who Knew?)

Rightwing extremists with conservative positions? Extremists who target military members for recruitment because of their formidable combat skills? You might be thinking no shit Sherlock:
The report makes no claim that veterans at large would seek out extremist groups, or would cause violence. It just makes the fairly logical conclusion that extremist groups who might be seeking to cause violence, but don't have the skills, may seek out those who do have military training in addition to the usual profile of the types of people they seek out.
Of course violent conservative extremists are trying to recruit from the military, they are after their skills.

But that doesn't stop the nutjobs from declaring "Outrage!" and fainting. Look, first of all, quoting a single Democrat noted for his conservatism does not magically render criticism "both sides of the aisle". Second, would you honestly expect rightwing extremists to hold leftwing positions?

With a growing number of far right fringe conservatives feeling angsty about losing so soundly in 2008, and right wing pundits stoking the flames of paranoia about fascism (who clearly do not understand the meaning of the word nor its vile history), of the course the government is going to pay attenion. Its our governments job to protect ALL of its citizens, and that includes those you do not agree with, you jackasses.

So stop the act and drop the fake outrage. Maybe put yourself to good use by getting the crazies in your party to put that energy to work productively.

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